August 18, 2018 – Entice – Bad Liar – Saturday Sale

It’s the end of the week and you know what that means?! Time to shop ladies and what a better place to start then Entice and the Saturday Sale. We are slowly creeping into fall for some of us and the color is perfect! I paired this delicate dress with these ornate heels by Eudora3D. Don’t forget to bookmark The Entice Website


  • Dress – Entice – Bad Liar
  • Hair – Truth – Ginevra with Headband
  • Lips – Mila
  • Eyes – #adored
  • Shoes – Eudora3D – Josephine Heels & Cuffs
  • Earrings – Velika Rituals

Let’s see the look and my photo shoot:

I'm Ready for it v2


Extra Shots

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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