Rock the Events with Entice! Hit these …

Entice has so much going on this month. We ❤ Roleplay for September 4th – 30th click the hyperlink and go have a good look around. The Warrior Spirit armor and Top are sold separately make sure to grab them both. Polish off the look with the Warrior Makeup at The Makeover Room running September 1st thru the 26th. Don’t forget to grab the group gift free to all “The Makeover Room” group members while you are there.

The look:

  1. Warrior Makeup – Entice
  2. Warrior Spirit Armor – Entice (shoulders)
  3. Warrior Spirit Top – Entice
  4. Headpiece Gold – Eudora3D – Sigrun
  5. Boots – Eudora3D – Thar
  6. Arm & Skirt – Eleven Warrior Drow – [QE]

Entice - We Roleplay v15

*raw shots*

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