It’s Monthly Midnight Madness only hours to goooooooo…..

Entice and LX two of my amazing sponsors are in Monthly Midnight Madness. The event is a blast and you should get prepared to do this!! First make sure you understand the rules… Join the group get the kit and put the alphas on and keep your scripts low. Serious don’t be that poon and lag the hell out of everyone. Just go invis and get in and out. The event is definitely madness but these designers bust butt to give you free stuff so follow the rules. Here is the info: Monthly Midnight Madness 

September 8th-9th
things to remember:
-1500 items will be given out per board
– 25 people maximum per sim
– Must belong to the Monthly Midnight Madness group
– We will have a complexity meter out:
– ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost) allowance of 50000
– If you are over, you cannot click the board
– If you miss the free items, you will have a “second chance” to get them for a very low price on Sunday, September 9th at 12:01am
– Exclusive gift items will never be sold again in the color!
Please read the MMM blog for more info

Each item is at the Main Store for the respective designers so here are my sponsors info and pics.


Entice - Midnight Madness

*LX* Essentials


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