Entice – Satin Dolls @ Frou Frou – Sept 10

What is Frou Frou you say?! Oh ladies, we need to sim hop together more often! Ok, yes Frou Frou (flickr) is actually rather new so I will give you a break as I was just at the first one last year. *giggles* You sure are missing a great event though so click the link and head over and check it out. Super classy and sexy is an understatement.

Now add into the mix Entice and her Satin Doll outfit! I am completely over the moon. Love the frilly and lacy panties with the heart pasties to just hide those naughty bits mhmmm! I know I saw him adjust himself a bit when he saw it! *winks* (Entice Flickr, Website, Facebook )

Entice - Frou Frou_011

The outfit:

  1. Panties and Pasties – Satin Doll – Entice @ Frou Frou (last room on the right!)
  2. Hair – Fire Pastels Gacha – Truth Hair
  3. Skin – Belinda – Mila
  4. Makeup –  Wild Night EyeShadow – Mila
  5. Lipstick – Velvet Lipstick – Mila

*raw shots and photo shoot*

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