Luckiest Girl Ever!

Why am i the luckiest girl? Well, because I have the best jobs in SL, the greatest friends I could ever ask for and OHHHHH so many coool clothes!!!

So anyone who knows me well does know that Ice and I share a sim and have half of it a home photo studio and we just shop and take pics everyday. Yes, a dream come true right?! Tonight we did a photo shoot together for fun. Here are the edited pictures I did from my angles. I am sure she will do her own from her angles!

Love you Iceypooooooooooooo!


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Few Credits:

  1. Formal Dresses – Just Because
  2. Babygirl outfits – *CK*
  3. Hair – Truth Hair
  4. Poses – Foxcity
  5. Backdrops – LOP
  6. Catwa heads, Maitreya & Belleza bodies
  7. Mila and Pink Fuel Skins

nothing formal just giving the basics for those who like it…


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