L.I.C – Always sexy, Always fun

I had a bit of fun with this one and on top of that I went all cyborg on y’all! Lingerie is always soft & sensual but I wanted it to be a bit different. Especially with the fact that L.I.C. is so versatile and the huds are so extensive I had to show how much out of the zone we can go! So this top and bottom you can change so many items on the hud. In the picture i did the main material, the lace and the bows in different colors for your viewing pleasure! Let’s take a look at the shot.



The credits:

  1. Outfit – Aria – L.I.C – Main Store
  2. Cyber Aqua Tattoo – ET – Market Place
  3. Hair – Char – Truth Hair

Here is the link to the Sim i took the pics at LANDMARK

**Other raw shots**

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