He’ll be home for Christmas and I’ll be waiting….

Entice - Seduction - Bra & Panties

There is nothing quite like a sensual evening with your beloved and what better way to enhance that moment than with this sensual bra and panty set from Entice. Named Seduction and well deserved! This should bring that magical smile to his lips this holiday.

This is currently highlighted at the Seduction Fair from Dec 7th – December 21st. <<Click for landmark.

The outfit:

  1. Bra and Panty Set – Seduction – Entice
  2. Hair – Teila – Truth Hair
  3. Tree – Princess Christmas Set – Half Deer
  4. Chaise – Amelie Swan – Trompe Loeil
  5. SnowFlake Hair Accessory – Inner Demons


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