Spartans! What is your profession?!!


“Yes my lady?”

“Come back with your shield, or on it.”

“Yes my Lady.”



  1. Diana – L.I.C includes: head armor, gorget, cuffs, armlets, panties, thigh plates, corset, boots, sword and shield. Hud
  2. Hair – Truth – Taja
  3. Head – Catwa – Catya
  4. Skin – Mila – Gitte
  5. Make up and Nails – Cazimi

Spartan Queen_v2

The outfit is called Diana. I am very sure this is more towards Wonder Woman but this outfit brought out a love for Sparta for me instead. So this is how i portrayed the outfit. The intricate details and depth in all the textures is amazing. Everything is fitted perfectly. I absolutely LOVE fantasy clothing and this was extremely exciting for me! It’s a must have!! You need to get over to the store and grab this one!

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