Smell the sea, feel the sky, let your soul and spirits fly.

I am enjoying the beach in this tiny string bikini. Everyone has a style preference in bikini but I for one like my tans in String Bikini. Easy to move the strings up and down to keep the sun from making tiny tan lines. More body for the sun to shine down upon! Now this gorgeous suit comes with a very detailed color hud no one could resist. The main fabric changes or strings separately. You can also make the material transparent, glossy and a clear with special pattern on the fabric. You will be thrilled with all the options and level of sexy on this one! Head down to the L.I.C main store and grab yours while summer is still month off!

LIC - String Bikini


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Other Credits:

  1. Catwa Head – Catya
  2. Shape – Catwa Kathy
  3. Body Maitreya Lara
  4. Hair – Navy & Copper – Ivy
  5. Mila Skin, eyelashes, eyes
  6. Makeup/Nails Cazimi
  7. Sim – My home

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