No one will take my Dragons…

The Enchantment event opens Today May 11 – June 3rd. Inspired by the Fire and Ice Novels the theme is The Iron Throne. This attractive Crested Collar is a collaboration between Accolade and Albion ScriptWorks. The intricate detailing in the collar itself has a dragon scale look. It is provide in 2 variations I have chosen to highlight the pendent style version. The Hud provides 30 textures  which are house crests from Game of Thrones also you may resize thru the hud itself or use the full bright on and off. Below are the link to the booth and their respective locations and social media. Keep an eye out on these two they are always coming up with amazing items!!


Albion - Crest Collar v6

Other Credits:

  1. Catwa Head – Catya
  2. Shape – Catwa Kathy
  3. Body Maitreya Lara
  4. Truth Hair – Fire
  5. Mila Skin – Gitte
  6. eyelashes – Mila – Perfect
  7. Nails – Cazimi – Daydream
  8. Sim – Home
  9. Backdrop – Puppet Masters Dragon
  10. Poses – Lumipro
  11. Lighting – Lumipro

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