Absolutely love this!!

deAr diAry

Having Alex as a partner has truly opened up my color palette in regards to fashion. There was rarely a day when I didn’t wear some shade of black. If I really wanted to mix things up, I added a royal or navy blue, perhaps a dark burgundy or maroon, and if I were truly daring there would be a forest green. Not all at once, of course, that would be out of the question.

Alex and I have been together now for over 6 years, and while I do still have a large amount of black and other dark colors in my inventory, I now also have clothes that are white, yellow, red, brighter greens and blues, and purple. I still don’t wear orange. Just can’t.

So imagine my surprise and delight to see a notice come through from FKD designer, Avielle ƊαякSтαя (avielle.jewell), about onesie pajamas with unicorn…

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