Come a little closer…

As we get closer to the day of celebrating love … Valentine’s Day. Why not do something sexy for yourself or your lover do something sexy for you both by gifting this very elegant and sensual lingerie by LsR Moda called Marianne. We all know it makes for a very delicious evening! I personally love Valentine’s day. I am fond of orchids and candy šŸ˜‰ anyone who knows me well can appreciate my love of all that is candy! Those being staples lingerie is the final touch to this romantic day of desire. Make sure you stop by FameshedX!

FameshedX Event

LsR Moda
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LsR Moda - Marianne Lingerie

Let’s go over the look:

  • LSR MODA – Sexy Marianne
  • Hair – Navy + Copper – Cheesecake Ombre
  • backdrop – Foxcity – Pink AF
  • Pose Foxcity
  • Makeup – Beauty Kartel

New Logo LsR Gold



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