DJ Got us fallin’ in love again…

So as I have been doing a ton of sharing lately ha! I have a DEEP love for music and Djing is a passion for me since high school when I Dj’d on the school station. Music inspires me and many of you may have noted I always have a musical inspiration with my blog posts. Something about music brings out my passion to make things whether it be blog pics, mesh or playing to a crowd. These leggins today just made me feel like I wanted to shake dat azzzzzzzzzz all over and so that is exactly what I did! I turned up the tunes and moved those hips and grabbed a shot that captured my exact mood! I hope you all got out to the Saturday Sale today and purchased these to shake yours in because they are exactly all THAT!!

Let’s check it all out!

Xxxtasi & BeautyKartel Main Store
Xxxtasi Market Place
Xxxtasi Facebook

Xxxtasi - Bella Leggins

  • Leggins – Xxxtasi – Bella Leggins Fatpack in Pink
  • Top – Luas – Sary Top
  • Headphones – [The Forge] Tectronic Headphones
  • Nails – Beauty Kartel – Angel Bento in Pink
  • Lipstick – Mila – July in Red

Xxxtasi LOGO 2019

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