Don’t be Shy…

March 7th the Unik Event opened with LSR Moda highlighting the Sexy Daila Dress and Heels (boots). The dress is short and a bit of a peek-a-boo button front going on. Love the sleeves nice 3/4 length. There are 2 huds for the dress. First, you can do 42 plain colors, 42 patterns, you can color change only the top of the dress in plain and patterns as well and leave the dress different. the Ruffles, Button, and bow are on their own hud with 42 colors so the flexibility feels endless for choices. The Heels or boots as they are called in the pack are fishnet socks inside a high stiletto. Extremely sexy! The fishnet and shoe and sole can be colored separately with a full hud as well.

Unik Event

LsR Moda
LsR Moda Flickr
LsR Moda Facebook

LSR Moda - Sexy Daila Dress Fatpack & Heels v3


  • LsR Moda – Sexy Daila Dress Big Fatpack with Heels
  • Truth Hair – Vivid – VIP Gift
  • Beauty Kartel – Angel Bento Nails 2020 Collection
  • Back Drop  – Foxcity – Stardust
  • Pose – Foxcity – Bad Kitty

New Logo LsR Gold

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