I got the right temperature…

I spend a lot of time at the beach, Surfer’s Bay to be exact. I love shooting pictures there and the dress code means bathing suits or less. When I saw this bikini from Xxxtasi I knew I had to add it to my collection. I have to be serious here the patterns are awesome. It took me 3 days to choose one to shoot and I still wanted to shoot them all. I am usually a single color person but these are all patterns and AMAZING! I just can’t even say enough about how fantastic they look! So get over to the Xxxtasi Main store and get the Krissy Bikini!!

Xxxtasi & BeautyKartel Main Store
Xxxtasi Market Place
Xxxtasi Facebook


Xxxtasi - Krissy Bikini v6


Krissy Hud

Xxxtasi LOGO 2019

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