I gotta know tonight.. Are you alone tonight?

Abby Set by Xxxtasi… So many choices so little time!! Another great set… cami style top and shorts set. Done in a very sexy Lace, ribbed cotton, adorable emblemed silks and a beautiful set of florals. The patterns and textures have been so on point and versatile it’s been almost impossible to choose!! I did have to choose though and I went forward with the lace because I am incredibly fond of sensually sexy. There are 6 colors/patterns in each of the 4 sets. I would HIGHLY recommend getting all 4 packs! This is out for Saturday Sale this coming Saturday, April 11th. If you are gonna be locked indoors you might as well have something fun for the bedroom no?

Xxxtasi Main Store
Xxxtasi Market Place
Xxxtasi Facebook

Xxxtasi - Abby V4 Set Top & Bottom


Xxxtasi LOGO 2019


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