Do you believe…?!

Two events with 4 exciting items… The outfit amply named New Attitude was actually brilliant for my personal mood. So Monday I joined the ranks for the Covid-19 unemployed and am actually rather upbeat. I am finally going to have time to do all the things I have not had time to do. So this outfit is exactly the New Attitude I am talking about!! I love the skirt and top with eyelet lace and the great color choices. I am a huge fan of flare style skirts and I honestly was super pleased with the camisole top with a loose fit that went with it. A hint of business casual and sexy combined exactly on point! The beautiful butterfly accessory was a love for me! I also was very excited about the little clutch and how the hud worked! Perfect sizing for my hand and so easy to use!!

Take a look below!

Two Events for these items!!
New Attitude Top and Invisible Touch Clutch
Cosmopolitan Event

➊ New Attitude Top
– Lara, Hourglass, Freya, and Legacy
– 159L each
– 450L for FATPACK with two extra text

➋ Invisible Touch Clutch
– Two versions – Unrigged – with bento animation and without
– 199L for the Fatpack

New Attitude Skirt and Butterfly Accessory
Spring Fling by Flair For Events

➊ New Attitude Skirt
– Lara, Hourglass, Freya, and Legacy
– 159L each
– 450L for FATPACK with two extra textures

➋ Butterfly Accessory
– Unrigged mesh butterfly that has many attach points or put it where you like
– HUD changes wings and body colors
– 99L for the FATPACK

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Entice Website

Entice - New Attitude



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