Someday you will find me…

I thought a picnic at the beach was right up my alley today but it turned into lanterns champagne and dessert. Afterwards some dancing on the beach at my favourite spot! Let’s have a look at the layout. I really enjoyed myself.

Coming to Saturday Sale this week!! The Lauren Set is top, Shorts, and sarong wrap. Sold by the mesh body type and with additional color huds available for purchase. They do come with the hud 1 set but 3 others are available with different colors and patterns. The top is tied fringe in bikini style and almost boy shorts bottom look. The sarong wrap is also fringy and comes in two variations. The patterns are fun and creative. I have highlighted a few in the collage below.

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Xxxtasi - Lauren Set

Extra Credits:

  • Pose Masters Picnic Blanket from BLossom Park Backdrop
  • Dahlia – La Dolce Vita – Sun Hat
  • Shalia – La Dolce Vita – Cannoli & St. Joseph Pastry Platter
  • MudHoney Lia Lanterns
  • Serenity Style – Neige Winter Picnic Champagne Glass & Bottle
  • Pose Lumipro Hud


xxxtasi lauren setXxxtasi LOGO 2019

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