Discovering the Dryad Princess…

I have a deep love for fantasy novels such as Wheel of Time, The Dragon Bone Chair, The Shannara series, and many others. When I saw these items from Entice it took me to those places with a deep loving smile. As I built a scene in my mind I grew very excited to see how it would come together. I truly enjoyed every aspect of this shoot and hope you enjoy it as much as I did. These items and more are at We Love Role-Play event happening now at the link below.  Here are some details on the clothing provided by Entice. The tunic is sold in 2 sets, singly or a mega pack. The panty is a gift for the birthday round of We Love Role-play. Make sure to head over this month and begin your own fantasy!

➊ World on Fire (Tunic)
– Lara, Legacy, HG, Freya
– 2 sets (Darks & Lights)
– 199L each (Reg 300L), Fatpacks (Darks & Lights) 499L each (Reg 599L), Mega Fatpack

We Love Roleplay Birthday Gift
(For We Love Roleplay – Update Group Members)
➋ Light & Shade Panty – WLRP
– Lara, Physique, Hourglass

We Love Role-Play
May 4th-30th
Entice Main Store
Entice Flickr
Entice Facebook
Entice Website

Entice - WLRP - World on FireEntice - WLRP- Light & Shade PantyEntice - WLRP - Light & Shade Panty

Extra Credits:

  • Skin – Elemental – Aria Fantasy Skin – Summer
  • Makeup – Elemental – Dryad
  • Circlet – Elemental – Dryad Circlet
  • Necklace – Elemental – Sacred Spiral Necklace
  • Eyes – Elemental – Serpentine Animated Eyes – Forest
  • Other Jewelry – L.I.C. – Odalisque
  • Boots – Eudora3D – Thar Boots
  • Forest of Mystical Dreams



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