Suga, how you get so fly…

If you follow me and have seen any of my work you can tell I lean heavily on the gorgeous sexy swimwear and lingerie my sponsors produce. I love that feeling good in what wear item. Xxxtasi is putting on sale the Mya Lingerie at Saturday Sale this week and I absolutely adore the item. It’s all the things I love in lingerie. It’s brilliantly teasing and leaves you with a feeling of sensuality. 2 Texture versions and a great array of colors! Lots of body fit options so get in on this one ladies and show off those curves!

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Xxxtasi - Mya Lingerie

Extra Credits:

  • Towel – Mad Pea
  • Pose – Fox City – Beach Bento
  • Hair – Truth Hair – Tinsley
  • Nails, Makeup – Cazimi

Xxxtasi LOGO 2019

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