You can see your life out of the window, tonight…

[HC] Hopes Creations has the Bria outfit with heels in the Main Store. This delicate fitted dress is adorable with ruffled sleeves and bottom hem. I absolutely loved the fit and didn’t want to take it off for days!! I had to take a selfie in this dress for memory’s sake as I just really can’t stop saying how in love with it I am. I choose the yellow for the spring feeling yet here in Michigan I might add it snowed today!

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[HC] Hope Creations - Bria

Extra Credits:

  • ~aKa~ Weeping willow in Ceramic planter – Spring 2018
  • Galland – Heart – Potted Plants – Clemtais – Pink
  • Foxcity – Backdrop – Hallucinate
  • Pose Maniacs – 264

[HC] Hopes Creations Logo - 512

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