I’m feeling like a star you can’t stop my shine…

So today I decided to do some landscaping and yard work. Searching for an outfit I picked these items from Xxxtasi. Two different releases the Vibes Shorts and Crystal tank. I thought yes this would be the perfect outfit for being out doors today. Thin strapped mini tank gives all the rights spots to the sun and the shorts I like to call athletic style.  Perfect together or separate. Each have color huds. Pop over to the Xxxtasi main store for these and other great items!

Xxxtasi Main Store
Xxxtasi Market Place
Xxxtasi Flickr
Xxxtasi Facebook

Xxxtasi Tank and Shorts

Extra Credits:

  • Hair – Navy + Copper – Aria
  • Pose – Lumipro
  • Lipstick – Cazimi – Trending
  • Choker – Cae :: Babygirl ::

Xxxtasi LOGO 2019

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