American Woman…

LsR Moda brought the Sexy Vera set to the Belle Event. The adorable booty shorts, midriff top and high heeled sneakers are a fun sassy girl look. Denium jean shorts and a cotton style top with rolled trim. There is customizations in the top and trim separately. The heel sneakers also have a great customization menu for laces, sole, the lace surface, the shoe itself and “tongue” area all individually as well. Was feeling a country southern vibe in this amazing outfit and yes a tad of that sass rubbed off. Took out the vet and did a speed run down Rt. 66. Let’s take a look at the shot.

Belle Event

LsR Moda
LsR Moda Flickr
LsR Moda Facebook

Extra Credit:

  • Hair Truth – Jacica
  • Pink Corvette Stingray – TKA
  • Pose – Lumipro

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