Lips of an Angel…

So sometimes I just get lost in my own world for a minute and forget myself. I have been wearing this makeup for weeks. Obviously in love with it, but somehow I never did a full shoot of it. Sometimes I wonder where my head is! This makeup is done for Genus, Catwa, and Lelutka. There are eye sets, lashes, and lip glosses called summer. The color palette is delicate and light on the glosses which I am a huge fan. The eyes are truly stunning with dual-color going on. The lashes are long and lush and I just never want to take them off. Beauty Kartel does such an impeccable job with the makeups. I have rarely touched another brand in a very long time. Let’s take a good look at the whole set together and make sure you head over to the Main store to grab these!

BeautyKartel Main Store
Beauty Kartel Market Place
Beauty Kartel Facebook
Beauty Kartel Flickr

Beauty Kartel - Summer



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