Just going to stand there and watch me burn…

Some days my mind is a mess. So many things going on those emotions and feelings run so high. I have never been good with those types of things and tend to suppress and bury. Music is a love that helps me re-sort my mind and the water relaxes me at the same time. Today was a day of reflection at the beach with a glass of wine, music, and emotion. Stepping out in the Ruffle kini by Xxxtasi was a great day! The sun was hot and the breeze as refreshing as the wine. I spent hours listening to songs that would raise emotion and others to bring them down to get them back in check. Let’s take a look at the bikini and its detail. String tied at the hips on the bottoms, ruffled band at the waist. 4 huds of patterns to choose from including polka dots! Big fan! The top is a triangle cup with ruffled edges and super cute! Here is the shot of me in my cute kini and my wine ha!

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xxxtasi - Ruffle kini

Extra Credits:

  • Violetility – Summer Pop Lounger [Cherry]
  • Convair Tuscany Wine Barrel
  • Refuge – Tropica Umbrella Pink
  • [PPD] American Baby Sunglasses {Top of Head}
  • Hair – Argrace Blonde Chizuru

Xxxtasi LOGO 2019


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