You are so loved…


We have all lived long enough to see how hard being different can be in today’s society. For the LGBTQQIA community youth, it has been especially hard. The young usually feel they have nowhere to turn or ask questions. Adults can be scary. Thankfully, The Trevor Project was founded for exactly this reason. Prevention of suicide in our youth that is afraid to discuss these topics is critical. They provide a 24/7 call response system, online chat, and text to help. Find all this information here:

The Trevor Project Official Website

This being a not for profit resource they accept monetary assistance. You can donate through the website or coming July 11th – July 19th a charity will be running to collect for The Trevor Project inside of second life. Items made are 100% going to charity.

here is the link for the event that opens July 11th

Soundproof Pride Fundraiser for the Trevor Project

One of the participating Designers will be Simply Saddii Designs:


Simply Saddii had made a fantastic pride dress in 4 Pride Patterns. Hands, Puzzle, Hearts, and Stripes. I shot the stripes version and adored everything about it. I love the bold colors and statement that stands behind this product. I paired this with a great ombre heel from Sheba shoes called Larissa.


Main Store Simply Saddii Designs
Simply Saddii Flickr Group
Simply Saddii Facebook

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