Eye of the Storm…


When life gets scary and you feel overwhelmed there are places to turn. Particularly for our LBGTQ+ youth, there is The Trevor Project. If you need to talk to someone, want to text, or chat online they are available 24/7. You are never alone, you are loved!

The Trevor Project Official Website

Oddfish Studio has made an exclusive product for the event. All says are 100% for this charity. The Oddfish Monocle comes in 6 versions. 3 for the left eye and 3 for the right eye in gold, silver, and rainbow.  I shot the gold for the left eye. The monocle is amazing and I loved the creativity I got to have with this shot. This was my first steampunk shoot and I must admit I really loved every minute of it. Thank you Oddfish for sure an amazing item!

Soundproof Pride Fundraiser for the Trevor Project

Here is the shot…

Oddfished Monocle

Dita Oddfish
Oddfish Studio Official Flickr
Oddfish Main Store
Oddfish Studio Marketplace



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