We’re staying all night…

Sometimes you just need to let him know exactly what you are needing and this outfit from LSR Moda will do exactly that! Put on the Alexsa Suit and the promise will be a very good reaction! Collared style bikini top with ringed chains leading down the chest, Bikini style panties with peek-a-boo behind and chained teaser front. The highlight is the ribboned laced heels with ringed chain top of foot accents. It doesn’t get any better then this ladies! Just put on your best come hither look and you have a completed outfit! If you want this set for you very own you need to hit the Kinky Event ASAP! Link below ♥

Kinky Event

LsR Moda
LsR Moda Flickr
LsR Moda Facebook

Extra Credits:

  • Foxcity – Indecent Bento Pose – Currently at Uber
  • Foxcity – Dreaming Photo Booth – Currently at Uber
  • Limerence Hair – Aria

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