Avielle Jewell – Darkstar is a second life character. She was created in July 2007. Surprisingly, I have done very little in Second life over my years. Recently, I have decided to fix that by trying photos, blogging, writing for SL Connoisseur Magazine and attempting male mesh clothing. Below though is the small history of my 12 years.

I had my humble beginnings as a club manager of Exile. After the club closed I decided with 2 partners to open one for the remaining staff and keep it going which was Rumorz. I was pregnant in RL during that period and took a break to have the baby. Not returning for years later I came back to open the Private Club and tackle DJing. I then also opened My Kinky Princess a test for a new style of a club that didn’t prosper so we closed it.

As a sideline in my early years, I also had a small boutique in which I made applier clothing and Flexi items. (I was not highly skilled in this ha!) I did, however, give away many free items and attempts.

I have decided to try my hand at making mesh clothing since 2018 for men and continue to learn this new skill. I have a Store in-game and on MP called FKD Men’s Fashion. I am learning every day and hope I will continue to grow.

I enjoy meeting new people and getting to know the stories of others. I am usually on my sim in the studio trying to take new pictures or making clothing. Feel free to say hello if you see me online!


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