April 11, 2018 – LOTD

Ohhhh today is all about Pink Cream Pie… New Jeans … Stitching is amazing really jumps out at you, the textures are a nice worn look on the denims, color palette is extensive. You really can’t go wrong with these! Love the bum it really pops! A ton of detail all over I couldn’t be more pleased with the look on my avatar. In a virtual world of many choices this one just simply shouldn’t be missed. In addition, the top is a fun tie dye and the shoes well we know I’ve been living in these babies for like 2 weeks now… do i need to say more?!!

  1. Jeans – Pink Cream Pie – Lacey Jeans Fatpack
  2. Top – Pink Cream Pie – Tie Dye Pack
  3. Shoes – Pink Cream Pie – Becky Sneakers Fatpack
  4. Hair – #Foxy – Mishi Hair – Fatpack

Sky high...v1


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