Bringing in the cool weather with Entice

The Designer Showcase is now Open November 5 – 30 and Entice is highlighting this cozy outfit. Jeans, Sweater and Scarf are all perfect for the cooler weather! The Jeans with the intricate floral embroidery on the pelvis, the scarf in snugly knit along with the sweater are a cold weather lovers dream!!  The colors are gorgeous and the huds have a great color selection! I loved that the scarf can be moved to adjust to how you want it around your neck.


  1. Full outfit – Entice – Jeans, Sweater, Scarf
  2. Hair – Truth
  3. Decor from past Decocrates (sniffles)
  4. Backdrop by OZE (we will hear more of this another time :P)


Entice - Blue Jeans - Pants, Scarf, Sweater_002


**the extra shots**

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