Need a little sweetness in my life…

There is nothing like vegging out at your favorite sim. Pull up a hammock and just free your mind. Today I hit Surfer’s Bay and just chilled jamming to some tunes. When I was figuring out what to wear I broke out the Saturday Sale Make-up from Beauty Kartel (2-15-20) available of course in the main store and checked out the new eyes and eyeshadow. The eyes are fun and multi-colored. A great selection awaits you and of course, I had to get me some pink going on in there! Perfectly named Bad Bitch! Loved it!. The Kai Eye had a fun color palette as well but I complimented the pinks. The winged eyeliner had a great Egyptian flare that I am very fond of. The deep inner corner highlights and high outer corners are a perfect pair.


BeautyKartel Main Store
Beauty Kartel Market Place
Xxxtasi & Beauty Kartel Flickr
Beauty Kartel Facebook

Beauty Kartel - Badbitch Eyes & Kai Shadow

The look:

  • Beauty Kartel – Bad Bitch Eyes
  • Beauty Kartel – Kai Shadow
  • Hair – Truth Hair – Elixir
  • Top – Blueberry – FLF – Not Today Tops – Black
  • Skin – Glam Affair – Summer 009





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